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Album Of The Week: The Innocence Mission See You Tomorrow

January 14, 2020

The Innocence Mission are unheralded masters of folk. The Lancaster, PA group has been around for over three decades, but they’ve mostly operated on the periphery. For those familiar with them, the band is a deeply regarded treasure, but they’re also under-appreciated by far too many. In the ’90s, they had a brief brush with […]

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Album Of The Week: Georgia Seeking Thrills

January 7, 2020

The best dance songs are about dancing. Dance music is self-referential: Here is a song about dancing that will make you dance. It’s a simple transaction. There’s a magic to it, an acknowledgement that the song is a tool for you to use to free yourself. “About Work The Dancefloor,” the highlight from … More […]

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Album Of The Week: Duster Duster

December 10, 2019

Duster aren’t the only band rising from the dead this week. Melbourne garage-punks Eddy Current Suppression Ring are releasing their first album in nearly a decade, the cheekily-titled All In Good Time, also a worthwhile listen. They’re both recent examples of bands coming back after an extended absence to fanfare by those that … More […]

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Album Of The Week: Burial Tunes 2011-2019

December 3, 2019

Before dubstep meant Skrillex and “Turn Down For What” and all manner of EDM excess, it meant Burial. Or at least that’s what it meant to me, the ignorant American for whom glowing reviews of a then-anonymous William Bevan became a functional equivalent to the pirate radio broadcasts that informed his sound. Every genre has […]

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Album Of The Week: Blood Incantation Hidden History Of The Human Race

November 19, 2019

Stop. Take a moment. Ask yourself something. Are you interested in death metal? This is not a philosophical question. Do you enjoy the sound of thundering double-bass judders and overdriven treble-soaked riffage and angry-god roars? Or, at the very least, are you open to enjoying these things? If you’re not, that’s fine. Nobody will judge. […]

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Album Of The Week: FKA Twigs MAGDALENE

November 5, 2019

FKA Twigs’ music has always been defined by physicality. On LP1, that physicality expressed itself as dominant, aggressive; on the M3LL155X EP, she toyed around with the idea of submission, what it feels like to be consumed. On her long-awaited sophomore album, MAGDALENE, that physicality is desperate, born out of a desire to … More […]

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Album Of The Week: Sudan Archives Athena

October 29, 2019

There’s a funny thing that can happen with an artist like Sudan Archives. When Brittney Parks’ project first started to garner buzz, it was for an idiosyncratic, specific style she had already figured out — electronic production, R&B melodies, and an ever-present violin primarily influenced by different West African fiddling traditions. It wasn’t quite like anything […]

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