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Metacritic Removes Over 6,000 Negative Death Stranding User Ratings

December 7, 2019

Metacritic has removed over 6,000 negative user reviews from Hideo Kojima’s recently released Death Stranding. The user score, which was at a 5.1 yesterday with 9,355 negative reviews, is today at a 7.4 with only 2,958 negative reviews, as discovered by Reddit user “argande.” While we can assume Metacritic was taking action against “review bombs” […]

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Fans Are Not Happy With Rocket League’s High Blueprint Cosmetic Microtransaction Prices

December 6, 2019

We’ve extensively covered Rocket League’s removal of loot crates as it introduced its new Blueprint system to make purchasing more transparent. But now that Blueprints are here, fans are not happy. Rocket League’s Reddit has many users complaining about the latest update’s high prices on cosmetic items. Blueprints were implemented to replace Loot Boxes, giving buyers […]

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