Review: Mable & The Wood – A Metroidvania That Sadly Fails To Excite

It’s morphin’ time!

Mable & The Wood is yet another example of a game with huge potential that’s somehow been mostly squandered thanks to poor execution. It takes the tried-and-tested idea of shape-shifting (famously utilised in games like Altered Beast and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) and runs with it, moulding its exploration and combat mechanics around the concept. The problem, though, is that while it’s a perfectly serviceable platformer for the most part, it’s all been done before – and quite a bit better than this, too.

You play as Mable, a young girl awakened by a group of cultists to save the world. Endowed with an impressive sword, Mable is unfortunately far too dainty to carry it properly, let alone swing it. Instead, she’s granted with the unique ability to morph into a fairy, allowing her to zip along the environment and summon the sword back to her waiting grip – Thor would be proud. As she navigates the Metroidvania-inspired world, she encounters numerous, formidable bosses, each one granting her with a new ability upon defeat, Mega Man-style. The overall plot is pretty minimal; there’s very little reason as to why you’re setting off on such a grand adventure, but you just do it because you’re essentially asked to.

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