Review: F-Zero – The Game That Sold Us Mode 7

What a way to launch a console.

Now that SNES games are available on Nintendo Switch Online, we’ve decided to revisit each of them in a fresh review. Expect to see updated reviews for all of the titles currently available over the next few weeks.

At their very core, futuristic racing games should have visual flair, and there was already an early history of this sub-genre before F-Zero released – including Nintendo’s Mach Rider on NES in 1985, Powerdrome on 16-bit computers, and Atari’s arcade S.T.U.N. Runner in 1989. Following these games, late 1990 became an exciting time for futuristic racers, partly as SEGA’s A.B. Cop coin-op released a month after the launch of F-Zero on the shiny new Super Famicom, but predominantly because Nintendo’s console game was striking as it sped around in style.

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