Guide: Which Switch Games Are Not Compatible With Nintendo Switch Lite?

The games you can’t play without Joy-Con Controllers.

The brand-spanking new, portable-only version of Switch offers a cheaper way of jumping on the Switch train with a focus on handheld play which makes it a true replacement for Nintendo 3DS. However, it’s important to remember that Switch Lite does not support Docked Mode and will not output to your TV in any way – essentially the Switch Lite doesn’t ‘switch’ like the standard model. Then again, the standard model doesn’t come in funky colours!

Nintendo Switch Lite’s controls are also integrated into the body of the console meaning there are a small handful of games that will no longer function without purchasing extra Joy-Con controllers and connecting them wirelessly to Switch Lite. Below you’ll find the games that don’t function in Handheld Mode and will either require extra controllers or the standard Switch console to work properly (there’s only one set of games where the latter applies).

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