Review: Daemon X Machina – Solid Mech Mayhem That Gets A Tad Repetitive

Demo arigato, Mr Nintendo.

While it’s always a good idea to ask for help when you feel like you might need it, it doesn’t always benefit you in the long run. This is something the team behind Daemon X Machina may end up learning when the game releases this week. After developer Marvelous released a demo way back in February and explained that it wanted feedback on how to improve the game, a number of players instead interpreted it as a product that was close to completion, and so decided that because it was a bit on the shonky side they weren’t going to buy it.

Fast forward seven months and it’s fair to say that Marvelous was absolutely right: Daemon X Machina has certainly improved in numerous ways thanks to user feedback. It does throw up two questions, though: exactly how much has it improved, and is it too late to get back those who were disillusioned by that extremely early demo? We can’t answer the latter – only time and the charts will tell – but we can at least confirm that the finished game is a solid piece of work, even if it isn’t quite an absolutely essential one.

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