Madden NFL 20 Welcomes the Most Players Ever Recorded For NFL Kickoff Weekend

Thanks to the launch of Madden NFL 20 Superstar KO and the global free trial over the weekend, EA Sports and the Madden NFL franchise had their biggest NFL Kickoff weekend ever, with 24% more players year-over-year.


  • Michael Vick proved to be the most popular player in Superstar KO, with a pick rate of over 85% in drafts. Vick has delivered nearly 700,000 rushing touchdowns and 1.9M passing touchdowns in Week 1 alone. He still has game-breaking speed and elusiveness as well, averaging over thirteen yards per carry in Superstar KO matchups.
  • Other popular players included Lawrence Taylor (73% pick rate), Jerry Rice (70%) and Madden NFL 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes (60%).
  • It’s not just NFL stars getting in on the action though, as Superstar KO celebs Lil Yachty (60%) and DJ Khaled (58%) are also flexing on the field and delivering swag-filled touchdowns.
  • After a scintillating performance in Week 1, the Baltimore Ravens have emerged as one of the most popular teams in Madden NFL 20 online Play Now and head-to-head, rocketing into the top five in popularity.
  • Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is crushing it both on the ground and through the air, racking up over a million rushing TDs and over two million passing TDs since the launch of Madden NFL 20. Given Jackson’s incredible performance in the first game of the NFL season, those numbers are only going to continue growing as more fans join the Ravens’ flock.

The Twitch Prime Crown Cup, featuring Madden NFL 20, also set viewership records, drawing the most concurrent viewers of any Madden NFL livestream in franchise history.

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