Koei Tecmo Must Pay Capcom More Than $1.3 Million After Patent Infringement Court Battle

Legal laughs.

Update (11th Sep, 15:30 BST): Koei Tecmo Games has been ordered to pay approximately $1.3 million in compensation after it was ruled that the company had infringed upon two of Capcom’s patents.

The case was first opened back in 2014 (see below), with Capcom arguing that the two separate patents had both been infringed upon. At the time, the judge only recognised the claim for the second patent, but a new ruling has agreed with both of Capcom’s claims. The settlement will cost Koei Tecmo roughly ¥144 million, ¥130m of which is to cover damages, with the other ¥13.1m covering Capcom’s legal fees.

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