Review: NBA 2K20 – An Impressive Port That Delivers The Full Experience On Switch

Shine bright.

Once upon a time, the thought of a handheld device getting a fully-featured sports simulator seemed like an impossible goal. NBA 2K18 almost scuppered that dream with a disastrous launch in 2017, but a raft of support post-launch and a (mostly) issue-free follow up in NBA 2K19 proved the franchise can run on Switch, and do so with full confidence in its technical capabilities. But we’re past the point of novelty, and now on its third iteration, Visual Concepts has had to step things up a notch for NBA 2K20.

The changes made for this year’s release might seem subtle, but you feel their impact both on and off the ball. Whether you’re playing in Pro-Am, in MyCareer of any of the other game modes in this year’s package, a player’s specific physical characteristics and skill-set now play a fundamental role in their on-court performance. Lanky centres can no longer outrun speedy power forwards, and shorter point guards can no longer confidently block shots from players that far exceed them in height. That physicality affects speed – enabling you to peel around screens and move in for the lay-up – but it also drastically changes how you defend, with your ability to sprint now serving as far more of a limited resource.

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