New Sakura Wars Announced for PS4 at Sega Fes 2019 With a First Trailer

Sega revealed the first trailer, staff, and cast list for New Sakura Wars during Sega Fes 2019 today. A release date estimate and the game’s platforms were announced as well. New Sakura Wars is coming to PS4 next Winter in Japan.

The game’s staff list has many surprises to it and is full of talent. Instead of Kosuke Fujishima as usual, New Sakura Wars‘ main character designer is Kubo Tite, the mangaka of Bleach.

As expected, New Sakura Wars‘ music composer is Kohei Tanaka. He’s been Sakura Wars‘ traditional composer and you’ve definitely heard his music in the past, as he also does all of One Piece‘s anime music for example.

On the scenario, we have yet another surprise. New Sakura Wars‘ story writer is Jiro Ishii, the scenarist of the critically acclaimed visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble.

The game’s producer is Tetsu Katano. Lastly, Hiroi Oji is credited as Sakura Wars‘ original creator as always. That’s all for the core staff. As for the developing team, we already explained in the past that New Sakura Wars is being developed by the same team as Valkyria Chronicles 4.

An interview of the game’s staff was published on Famitsu as well. Stay tuned for a summary of it coming soon, along with another article detailing New Sakura Wars‘ story and characters.

You can find New Sakura Wars‘ trailer below. The game’s official site has been opened as well.

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